Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Things That Can Make Your Life Short

When we are young we hardly think about our health. We are all just like a bullet proof vest hard and strong from all diseases. Our immune system works properly and we are way to go to compete any challenge. But as we age slowly our life style changes, we are more burdened with responsibilities. To fulfill our responsibilities we have to go through numerous types of body and mental stress, which are the biggest reason behind shortening of our life.

Today I am sharing some of the facts that are responsible for shortening of our life and how we can overcome this problem:

Sleeping Tight: An improper or late night sleep can create a lot of health issue for you insomnia; depression and lack of appetite are some of its prime factor. So it’s better to sleep tight for at least seven hours a day. To sleep tight I am sharing some tips which will help you a lot. Schedule you’re eating time, eat 2 hours before bedtime it’s good for your digestion. For a better sleep you need a better matters and a good pillow and more importantly you need to relax you mind and body.
Stop Snaking Fried Foods: Fried snacks are of no use they will only give you indigestion and high cholesterol which are bad for your health.
Be aware of cardiac arrest: Sitting in one place for a long time can lead you to cardiac arrest. It is mostly found on people working on offices. If you want to help your self from cardiac arrest move your body for around every 45 minutes, stretch your body a bit, take a small walk within or outside the office.

Keep a track of your weight: Keeping a track of your weight is all ways at your positive side. Being an obese will lead you to diabetes and other heart troubles. So exercise and a healthy diet are the better option to keep you off from obesity.

Stop drinking and smoking: Drinking and smoking are not at all good for your health. Ample amount of studies have proof that smoking cause cancer and ample amount of drinking gives liver cirrhosis.

Cut off the level of stress: As we age stress permanently becomes a part of our life. No one can say that he or she live a stress full life. Every person has to deal with tension in their daily life. The only thing that one can do is deal with it smartly by cutting off its stress level. There are lots of activities that can be done to lower down the stress level: Yoga, Meditation, massage, listening music and other activities that gives you happiness.

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