Monday, October 29, 2012

Does Qsymia Really Work

Battle for weight loss is regularly fought by ample amounts of people. Numerous amount of dieting tips, exercising tips, work out schedule and dietary supplements are proposed by ample amount of weight loss related sites and pharmacist. From past 13 years (FDA) Food and Drug Administration hasn’t approved any drug related to weight loss due to the discovery of heart failure and other body damage leading to death.

It’s interesting to know that qsymia is combination of phentermine and topiramate, where phentermine is known for suppressing the appetite and topiramate is a drug for anti-seizure. Qsymia promises to achieve the weight loss goals, a study show that a person can achieve an average of 7 to 10% of weight loss by consuming this product.

The main advantage of qsymia is that it has been designed to be used with a healthy life style including healthy eating plan and physical fitness regimen. The other main and bigger advantage of qsymia is that it has been approved by FDA which means it is safe for the users.

However qsymia is specially prescribed for a patient who meets the certain criteria of having (BMI) over 30. And for adult people who can’t easily get their weight loss goals due to high blood pressure and diabetes.

Important note: Before going for the product its better to consult with your doctor

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