Saturday, September 29, 2012

Plyometric Drills: Squat Jump

                            "Plyometric Drills: Squat Jump For Better Health"

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Healthy Diet For Men

For a healthy life a healthy diet is a must, but the dietary requirements for both men and women are different. Today I am sharing a list of healthy food which must be included by men in their diet.

Tomatoes: Tomato is a popular fruit almost all over the globe. It has its special benefits named “Lycopene” a low cholesterol substance which cut offs the risk of colorectal cancer and heart diseases. A research has stated that men who regularly consume food rich in lycopene have lesser chances of getting prostate cancer.

Brazil nut: We all know that snacking nuts are good for our health, but there is one more nut which has its own benefits generated specially for men. Brazil nut is high in selenium content which is known to enhance men’s sperm. Selenium also reduces the bad cholesterol from men’s body for better result.

Green leafy vegetables: Green leafy vegetables are must for every ones diet, but there are some veggies which every man should include in their diet. Cabbage, broccoli and sprouts are some of the green veggies which are benefited to men’s.  These veggies are known for containing cancer fighting element which cutoff the risk of colorectal cancer and prostate cancer.

Eggs: We all see eggs as our daily break fast but we should all so know that eggs are the best source of Vitamin B which is known to boost men’s hair growth.

Garlic: Garlic is known as heart health boosting element. Garlic lowers the cholesterol level of your body which would decrease the level of further blockage.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Drinking Tea For A Healthy Reason

Tea is a part of our daily life. We see it as our daily refreshment but now we can see tea as our health admire. A research has shown that tea has a very good approach towards weight loss, heart health and our muscle strength.

We all know the advantages of green tea and its promotion to weight loss. According to Dr. Rick Hursel the member of Maastricht University (Netherland), explained its experimental trials that drinking green tea would boost up the energy level of your body leading it to burning up the extra body calories from your body within a day.
A sudden hike of oxidation in blood fat leads to an impressive weight loss result. After knowing green tea weight loss potential it was easier to learn the beneficial part of “Black Tea”. A research from University of L’Aquila in Italy has proved that consumption of a black tea reduces the symptoms of blood pressure from your body.
According to a University of Texas consumption of green tea daily repairs and increases the muscle strength of the body.  The conclusion which we can see is tea contains zero calories in it which is not only good for or health but also leads us to our weight loss needs.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Weight Loss Goals With Smart Phones

Smart phones and tablets are now the biggest and craziest trends among people. The whole world is now just a click away from you. With the help of smart phones you can browse any thing you want or can easily get connected to any thing.

Ample amount of weight loss related companies are targeting these sectors for their profit. Looking at a huge traffic smart phones companies has launched various weight loss and health related app to help them get rid from their problems.
More of it smart phones are the easiest and entertaining means of way to lose a weight. In simple words now there is no need to wait for a personal trainer to tell you how well you are doing. Weight loss apps have put the whole lot of information right under your finger tips.
So if you want to track your daily performance, how much you ran or how much calorie you have consumed, just switch on your smart phone and the whole data of your performance will be their within a minute.
iTunes is one the largest apps center helping people to lose their weight. With the help of these counting a calorie has just become so easy. Daily work out apps is one of the well known workout app center keeping you fit all day long.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Boot Camp Work Out – Making A Difference In your Life

A fitness boot camp is a type of physical training group which is mostly conducted by gym and personal trainers. Boot camp one of the most popular technique in US.

Boot camp is mostly known for its intense training making your body stronger and healthy. Boot camp has a lot of efficient to buran a load of calories from your body, boot camp mostly works on your entire body dynamic stretching and running are some of the starting point of it.

Boot camp are mostly followed by its interval training which include weight lifting, pushups/situps, pulling heavy objects, rope jumping and cross fit routines. Boot camp mostly looks like a military training the main advantages of boot camp is it increases the cardiovascular efficiency which automatically leads to weight loss. Boot camp is full body training exercises which normally act on each part of the body.

It is one of the best cardiovascular exercises which not only targets weight loss but also motivates participants to continue it for a longer period of times. Social activity and interaction between participants are higher which make this technique a better one.

The bigger benefit of boot camp is it makes your heart, lungs and all major parts of your muscle work properly. These techniques help you to switch quickly between intervals. Strength training is one of the better alternatives challenging you to force your body to push forward to limits.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Celebrity Diet And Exercise On Fashion

Whenever you have tried to follow a diet of a celebrity, you must have failed. What is the reason behind it? Celebs make their dieting look so easy that every time we saw we get amazed by their physique.  Critics are all ways behind them writing about their physique and fitness tips. But don’t be fooled by all this dieting tips and fitness tips, losing a weight takes a lot of time and hard work.

Behind each and every celeb there are a nutritionists and a personal trainer helping them to keep them in track. According to Dr. Wayne Anderson, following celebrity’s diet is worth trying but are we ready to do so because it takes a lot of time and money to follow it.
Being a part of a profession they have to put their best to look great, but seriously we can’t just concentrate on what they are doing and how, we can only motivate our self by reading their fitness and diet routine. To lose a weight or to maintain it a proper diet and exercise will be needed to take a longer part because it is safe for your health. Cheating on your body can lead you to numerous amounts of physical problems.
So before following any of the celebrity diet and fitness tips its better you gain each and every knowledge that is necessary for the betterment of your health. After all its you who have to do it.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Running A Mile Can Lose Your Weight

That’s 100% true running a mile or jogging can really help you to lose your weight. There are two type of weight loss methods to lose a weight “exercise or a proper diet” Today I am not going to discuss about diet as I have discuss it on my other post.

I am going to talk about the basis of losing a weight:

Weight loss begins from creating a calorie diversion on your body, in simple word burning your calories more than consuming. Running is a cardiovascular exercise which pumps your heart and promotes your body to lose weight.
Now let’s talk about running a mile. Running a mile can surely burn your calories; it targets the extra calories that you have consumed. It has been stated that the faster you run the more you burn your calories. Once you are comfortable in running you can extend your running distance, this will only enhance your calorie burning efficiency.
A complimentary diet with running would be great. Always make a change on your running pattern for a better result. And don’t just go hard for a better result losing 1 to 2 lb a week would be great, there are no further shortcuts to lose weight quickly. Those who have tried a lot to lose weight quickly had risk their life so don’t be a loser be a winner.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Health Benefits Of Yogurt

Yogurt is not just a delicious snack to eat; it has its own health benefits that will certainly amaze you a lot. We all know that yogurt comes from milk but you should also know that yogurt contain more calcium and proteins as compared to milk.
Yogurt contains unique living microorganisms called clusters that enhance yogurts health and nutritional benefits. Yogurt contains a high density of phosphorus that reduces the risk of osteoporosis. Yogurt is good for middle age person as it reduces the risk of osteoporosis for them. Osteoporosis is known as the process of thinning of bone tissue and loss of bone density as time passes. As I have said before yogurt is rich in calcium which is good for your colon health and also helpful to reduce the risk of colon cancer.

From a research it has been found that consuming 18 ounce of yogurt in a day can make your stomach flat. Now a day’s ample amount of brands has been introduced in market with other nutrition to complement their product. Yogurt is loaded with some other beneficial vitamins that help you to increase your fitness level. It is loaded with potassium, phosphorous, iodine, vitamin B5 and etc. Yogurt also contains a beneficial vitamin named “Vitamin B12” it maintains the red blood cell of your body which helps to maintain your nervous system functioning properly.

Lot’s of beautician recommend yogurt as a face pack because it contain lactic acid which is helpful to reduce fine lines and wrinkles from your face. Yogurt is a good choice for those who are calorie conscious just replace your ice cream with creamy yogurt believe me it taste great.