Saturday, August 4, 2012

Top 5 Foods To Boost Up Your Workouts

When ever it comes to starting your body workout whether in gym or yoga classes, foods play a vital role in enhancing your body performance to make your workout schedule worthwhile.  Today I am sharing some of the healthiest foods, which are surely going to boost up your body performance at the time of your workout.

Let’s start with one of my favorite foods.

Almonds: Mostly nuts like almonds are rated as fatty food, because the fat that lies within almonds is known as monounsaturated fats.  Most of the foods contain different types of fats; the only thing which has to be considered is not every fat is bad for your health. Some of the fats are healthier for your diet. Monounsaturated fats are mostly found on foods and oils, consuming monounsaturated fats not only improve your blood cholesterol levels but also decrease the rate of heart diseases.  [Read: Nuts are good for health]

        Banana: One of the most ever green foods you can found in every climate. It contains carbohydrate and potassium within it. As carbohydrate is easy to digest potassium helps you to make your muscle stronger during your workouts. Potassium is one of the prominent reasons behind the listing of top 10 foods to boost up your body performance. Potassium not only helps to lower the possibilities of blood pressure but also plays an important role in maintaining your fluid balance and keeps your nerves system functioning normally. [Read: Are you getting enough potassium?]

       Chocolate: Chocolates are mostly known as instant energy booster or a motivator. But that doesn’t means that you can consume a large amount of bar to boost your energy. Chocolate contains huge amount of fats and calories within it, but a small bite of chocolate can surely boost up your energy level as well as help you to boost up your metabolism. [Read: Chocolate boosting your body metabolism to lose your weight]

     Apple: “An apple in a day keeps doctor away” is the best phrase I had ever known. The reason behinds the phrase is apple contains ample amount of antioxidants and fibre to boost up your energy level.  Apple is fully loaded with vitamin c which immune your body to several diseases. The only drawback of apple I have noticed is it’s hard to digest.[Read: Apple the best source of fibre]

       Nutritious liquid: Having a nutritious liquid on your daily meal will surely help you to build and repair you body muscle. Smoothies and vegetables soup are the best way to boost up your energy level and easy to digest.[Read: Learn about nutritious liquid diet]

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