Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Drinking Tea For A Healthy Reason

Tea is a part of our daily life. We see it as our daily refreshment but now we can see tea as our health admire. A research has shown that tea has a very good approach towards weight loss, heart health and our muscle strength.

We all know the advantages of green tea and its promotion to weight loss. According to Dr. Rick Hursel the member of Maastricht University (Netherland), explained its experimental trials that drinking green tea would boost up the energy level of your body leading it to burning up the extra body calories from your body within a day.
A sudden hike of oxidation in blood fat leads to an impressive weight loss result. After knowing green tea weight loss potential it was easier to learn the beneficial part of “Black Tea”. A research from University of L’Aquila in Italy has proved that consumption of a black tea reduces the symptoms of blood pressure from your body.
According to a University of Texas consumption of green tea daily repairs and increases the muscle strength of the body.  The conclusion which we can see is tea contains zero calories in it which is not only good for or health but also leads us to our weight loss needs.

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