Saturday, August 18, 2012

Learn The Secrets Behind Cutting Out Your Body Calories

There is a simple science behind cutting your body calories with out concentrating on extra curricular activity that are being suggested now days by lot of people. Dieting is never an option to cut of your calories, the formula behind cutting your calories is eat less and burn more.

Read the secrets behind losing your body calories:

Walking up with your phone: Most of us mainly use to sit or relax on our bed or sofa while talking to our loved ones. You can utilize this activity as your fitness point of view; just walk around your house or garden at the time of chatting up with your friends on phone. Try this activity for few weeks it will surely help you to lose your calories. But what if you are working for hours in your office or in private? There is a simple solution for you “just tap you feet” when not in motion. It has the same effects on your body.

Selecting your meal carefully: Selecting your meal is the most important part of your diet; to lose your body calories. Bigger bowl means bigger meal and greater intake of calories. Try to avoid this, use smaller or medium size bowl for your meal. This will help you to consume lesser food and lesser calories. One important note to be added “chew your food well” as it is good for your digestive system.

Avoid eating your food in front of TV: A global research has stated that you eat more in front of TV. Consuming more food means consuming more calories. Those who love to eat their meal in front of TV usually consume 250 calories more than they usually do.

Consuming Healthy food: To lose up body calories healthy food such as vegetable salad plays a vital role in helping you out to cut of your calories.

Avoid fried snacks: Fried snacks are loved by each one of us, chips and French fries are the biggest examples. Try to avoid it, I am not saying to completely remove it from your life you can enjoy those snacks on outing.

Be selective when ordering drink: Numerous amounts of cokes, soft drinks and hard drinks contain ample amount of calories in it. Order your drink mixed up with soda or distilled liquors. You’ll save 500 calories.

Limited usage of oil: At the time of cooking your food use limited amount of oil to cook your food. Non stick pans are your best utensils to cook food. Steamed food and baked foods are the healthiest way to cook food.

Getting enough sleep: People who don’t get enough sleep snacks a lot between their meal duration.

Say no to sugar: Drinking sugar free coffee is the best way to cut of your calories.

                                                      "These are some of mine secrets to cut of your calories"

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