Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Banital Weight Loss Pill Reviews : You Must Read This!

Banital Overview
There are many old products, which have been re-launched with new names. Banital is one such product, which was earlier known as Benetol , and is made by Naples TBSI Inc. It is now available in two formulas Quick 7 Cleanse, as well as 4 in 1 weight loss formula. The company claims to have developed the product in a more scientific way, but supporting evidence is not available. Testimonials about its weight loss claims are posted on the website.

Banital – Product description
Banital ’s 4 in 1 formula claims to purify the body and reduce fat in four ways with the help of its natural ingredients. Phaseolamin blocks the absorption of starches, whilst Banaba Leaf manages blood glucose level and also reduces fatigue. Green Tea is an appetite suppressor used in many weight loss products because it increases the metabolic process as well as melts away additional calories.

The combination of ingredients in the Quick 7 Cleanse consists of Beet Fiber, which is a fast colon detoxifier while Goldenseal provides benefits to the digestive system, Bladder as well as liver. The dosage states that before breakfast, take 3 Quick 7 Cleanse capsules and make sure that you keep yourself hydrated the whole day. One hour before meals, take 1 capsule of 4 in 1 weight loss formula. There is 30 days money back guarantee on this product.

Banital Advantages
1. The product works on multiple levels thereby reducing body fat.
2. The ingredients are also beneficial to liver, bladder and digestive system.
3. It contains safe and effective natural ingredients.

Banital Disadvantages
1. Buying one bottle may ensure your enrollment into the weight less pay less club where your credit card will be charged every month.
2. No clinical study available on the product.
3. Herbs may cause side effects.

Bottom line
This weight loss product claims to offer multiple benefits through its twin formula solution. But is on the back foot, when it comes to clinical studies supporting it. Also the herbs used in Banital can cause severe side effects.

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