Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Why Are You Gaining Weight Know The Hidden Facts Behind It

Are you trying to do every thing to lose your weight but still you are finding difficulty to lose your weight. Today i am sharing some of the hidden facts about why are you gaining weight.

Fitness is the craziest trend now days. To live healthy and to look great people tend to subject their body in an abusive way which includes rigid crash diet. Most of the people don’t realize that selection of wrong diet and other factors not related to diet are the major factors behind gaining weight.

Let’s discuss some of the major reason behind weight gain.

What happens when you start dieting?

If you thing that dieting would tend you to lose your weight and would help you get back in shape quickly then it’s totally rubbish. A body that goes in sudden starvation mode saves calories for your body so that it can burn it. Our body is just like a machine which needs fuel to conduct basic metabolic activity which also includes burning of fat. If no food is been use to burn the fat then our existing energy is been saved by our body instead of utilizing it.

Notice what you eat:

Dieting is never an option to lose a weight. Most of the people follow binge eating it means following low fat foods which mostly lead you to gain some weight.

Say no to sedentary life style:

Following a healthy diet is a first step to lose a weight. But having a healthy diet doesn’t mean that you are going to lose some weight until and unless you follow some fitness regimen.  You need to increase your activity level, follow some healthy life style which may include sports, meditation, gym, jogging etc.

Know well about your medicine:

Always go for a prescribed medicine before using it check it well whether it has some side effects. A study has shown that some medicines are showing the side effects of weight gain.

Improve your sleeping pattern:

Irregular sleeping patterns are one of the major factors behind weight gain. Irregular sleeping affects your body metabolism which automatically leads you to weight gain.

Say no to liquor: 

Excessive intake of liquor will surely spoil your liver. Being the chief blood purifier it will detoxify your toxin and fat metabolism from your body which an unhealthy liver can’t perform.

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